Wizz: the new GenZ social-app trend

Wizz presentation

Wizz is the app that instantly allows GenZ to make authentic connections. Launched on the US market 2 years ago, Wizz — only available for iOS for now — reached 300k daily users and is already profitable.

At Wizz, we’re convinced that chat is easier than video, that a direct approach without social ranking makes better friendships **, and that personal passions guide friendships. That’s why Wizz aims to become the first hassle-free meeting app.

How does it work?

Wizz is part of the discovery apps in the “make new friends” category and aims to connect young people by scrolling through personalized profiles (photos, videos, songs, and other content). Throughout the profiles, all users can chat, alone or in groups, in an app designed to be a relationship facilitator.

For now, Wizz is only available on iOS in the US, to allow the team to iterate quickly, and build a market fit app. The ambition now is to continue to iterate quickly, expand the team, and open new markets (Android, other countries, …) to reach 100 million in revenue by 2024.
Created in Voodoo’s studios, Wizz now benefits from the advantages of a scale-up company, while keeping the agility of a team of 11 people product focus.

“At Voodoo, our consumer apps teams are creating innovative and entertaining apps for everyday life. Our mission to entertain the world goes beyond gaming. The apps we create are downloaded and used by millions of people around the world, with a central focus on the US. The consumer apps teams are currently working on three apps: Wizz, Blitz, and WeMoms, designed to bring valuable experiences to everyone.”

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Wizz is looking for talents able to focus on their core expertise while broadening their scope and participating in app development.

With the mindset and the ownership that we have on the team, we can do whatever we want. We can go extremely fast in terms of ideas. At the same time, we have this striking force thanks to the funding & expertise of Voodoo which allow us to validate our ideas as quickly as possible” — Gautier, Wizz’s Lead Tech Engineer.

The team is currently made up of entrepreneurs, focused on engineering, design, or marketing, but all working on the ideation of a social media top chart app. The team benefits from the agility of a startup while taking advantage of the premises and support of Voodoo, the scale-up with 6 billion downloads. Everything is done to stay focused on the product, without pitfalls and without slowing down.

Core values

→ Act like an owner: Wizz is a product under construction, where everyone benefits from a strong input. All team members should view it as their creation.

→ Transparency and decentralization: allowing everybody to have an impact and make data-driven decisions.

→ Push for speed: things won’t be perfect, but perfection can wait and be built along the way.

→ Take a risk: test & learn, great findings or successes come from taking risks.

→ Set the highest standards: learning fast and autonomously, while demanding a high level of execution in all aspects of what we do, is the only way to stay on top

→ Share and accept direct feedback: always accept to challenge and to be challenged, take the feedback positively, and improve upon it.

→ Users first: never forget that a product without a user is just a useless empty shell.


Language and librairies : Node.js, Fastify, Firebase, Socket.io

iOS : XCode, GitHub, Cocoapods (public and private), Firebase, Socket.io

Databases: MongoDB, Redis

Infrastructure: Cloud Run, Cloud functions, Bucket, S3, CloudFront

Ops: Github Action, AWS CLI, gcloud CLI, Docker, microservice architecture