Wizz House

The wizz house is a collective of diverse TikTok creators collaborating on the same goal: creating content around the wizz app.
12 creators living together in a villa in Miami, connecting and working together in order to reflect what Wizz is all about : Community!

Meet our Wizz House creators.

The goal was to show in real life how Wizz brings people together, at the beginning of the trip the creators didn’t know each other and they ended up making lifelong friends.

We organized activities for our creators in order for them to create content and have fun. Things like Jet Skis, visiting the Everglades or even Puppy Yoga.

Through this project we proved that Wizz is not just a chatting app, it creates genuine connections and a great driving point of creativity.

Creator's night!

In the past year, we had the chance to engage in collaborations with various content creators during a dedicated “Creators’ Night.” This event allowed us to create content and interact with influential French creators who play a significant role in shaping this generation.