Tips and Tricks

How to make the most of your regular features

To boost your profile and increase your chat opportunities, remember to enhance your profile with some catchy text and add a song that showcases your awesome music taste!

Our best advice? Be your true self! Authenticity is key on Wizz. Showcasing your genuine personality attracts like-minded people with similar interests, enriching your experience and helping you make real, lasting connections.

Premium features

At Wizz, the fun is in your hands: we’re talking about a whole bunch of cool features that amp up your Wizz experience. Whether it’s staying on top of the chat list, boosting your bio, or seeing who looks at your profile, we’ve got you covered.

Eager for a quick rundown of Wizz’s best bits? We’ll guide you through the highlights and share tips to enhance your Wizz journey, no matter if you’re a newbie or a pro.


Boost catapults you into the spotlight, putting you first in the queue of profiles to swipe! This visibility invites all Wizz users to start conversations based on your bio and vibe. Perfect for those who love the limelight or if you're shy about reaching out first, Boost is an ideal way to meet new people globally

Super Chat

Super Chat ensures your conversations always stay front and center, boosting your chances of getting more replies and messages! When you use Super Chat, your messages take priority and appear at the top of the recipient's chat list. This prime positioning means you're more likely to catch their attention and keep the conversation flowing.

Bulk Chat

Bulk Chat is your express lane to making new friends fast! This feature allows you to send a message to 100 users all at once, dramatically increasing your chances of getting quick replies. Whether you're looking to spark conversations, share exciting news, or just cast a wide net to find like-minded individuals, Bulk Chat has you covered.


Admirers is your personal insight into who's checking out your profile! This feature lets you see exactly who has viewed your pictures, giving you a glimpse into who might be interested in getting to know you better. Whether it's someone you've been chatting with or a new face curious about your profile, Admirer opens up the door to potential new friendships and conversations.

Wizz Gold

Wizz Gold is your all-access pass to premium features that elevate your Wizz experience!

With this exclusive subscription, you unlock a treasure trove of perks: secret chats become an open book, allowing you to peek into hidden conversations.

Ever regret a swipe? Wizz Gold lets you rewind and make a different choice.

Amp up your profile by adding even more media and a standout video, capturing the essence of who you are.

Plus, enjoy a weekly Boost to skyrocket your visibility, use 5 Super Chats to make your messages top priority, and enjoy an ad-free experience, keeping your chats smooth and uninterrupted.

Wizz Gold is for those who want the ultimate Wizz experience, packed with features that open up a world of possibilities!