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A dedicated section for parents and caregivers, providing resources to ensure safe and positive engagement on Wizz.


Our Safety Strategy

At Wizz, safety is our single highest priority and serves as the foundation for everything we do. As a top destination for young people to connect online, we’re dedicated to continually enhancing our safety measures to meet the demands of the dynamic online landscape.

Our comprehensive safety ecosystem, including suite of safety tools, robust infrastructure, and iron-clad policies, positions us among other pioneers in safety innovation, earning recognition from industry authorities.

To bolster our technical safeguards, we employ safety and moderation specialists who proactively oversee platform activities around the clock. We thoroughly review each user report and address all confirmed breaches of our Community Guidelines, using real-time notifications to promote positive behavior among our users.

The Safety pages are designed to support parents, guardians, educators, and young adults with essential resources and guidance.

Our team is deeply committed to creating the safest online environment possible, ensuring a space that you can rely on.

Positive & Safe Environment

Our goal is for every user to enjoy a safe and positive time on Wizz, which is why we’ve integrated a wide array of safety features right from sign-up. This commitment to safety has earned us honours from industry experts, positioning us at the forefront of safety innovation.

We use three sophisticated AI safety tools:

Yoti is a our age verification partner. Upon creation of account on Wizz, the users are required to look at the camera on their device and have their photo taken. This permits Yoti to instantly launch an algorithm that estimates their age based on their face scan. Then they compare the estimated age with the birthdate provided by the user and decide if it’s accurate. Moreover, this allows us to place users in age categories on the platform, for example a user of 15 years old can only speak to people their age, people one year younger and one year older.

Besedo is our text moderation partner: every word on Wizz goes through Besedo. All inappropriate content is immediately blocked by the platform before it can be sent to or seen by users. We work together every day to constantly refine our filters to stay up to date with evolving trends and slang, guaranteeing a safer environment on Wizz.

Sightengine is our image moderation partner. Their advanced AI technology meticulously scans every image and video. This system identifies and blocks any inappropriate content within seconds, before it can surface on Wizz, thereby upholding the highest standards of safety for all content on the platform.

Responsible Community

Our Community Guidelines emphasise mutual respect. We enforce strict rules to ensure conversations among users mirror the respectful exchanges they’d have face-to-face.

Upon joining Wizz, everyone must review and agree to our guidelines, and we regularly remind users of these standards. Leveraging AI and human oversight, we oversee all activity on Wizz to pinpoint and address any guideline breaches potentially harmful to the user or others. Our guidelines cover a variety of different themes, including harassment, nudity, sexual behavior, hate speech, drugs and more.

Users who do not respect the guidelines get either a temporary restriction of features or are banned from Wizz forever.

You can read more about our Community Guidelines here.

Real People, Right Ages

At Wizz, we’re dedicated to maintaining a platform where genuine individuals connect, ensuring that every profile is authentic and that all users meet our age requirements. All profiles must pass the necessary verification to be able to use Wizz and interact with other users. To do this, when a new user joins Wizz, we ask for a few essential details:

  • Date of Birth: Wizz welcomes users aged 13 to 24, and we organise different age groups into separate communities. For instance, a 14-year-old user will only have the ability to interact with peers who are 13, 14, and 15 years old.
  • Username and Gender: Users can choose their username and gender.
  • Community Guidelines: New users receive our guidelines, which they must read and agree to. They’re then free to personalize their Wizz profile with a bio, favorite emojis, additional photos, and tags related to their interests like TV shows, games, or sports.


To verify the age and identity of our users, Wizz uses several methods:

  • Yoti’s Age Estimation: : A face-scan taken within the app that immediately launches an algorithm for age estimation to verify the accuracy of the provided birthdate.
  • Profile Verification: We match the face scan to the other photos the person used to create their profile. If we are not sure it is the same person, we do not allow access to the platform.
  • Identity Consistency Checks: We monitor for any discrepancies in age information at signup, within user profiles, or during interactions. Any doubts about age or identity mean the user cannot use the app.

Monitored & Moderated Content

We are working with one-of-a-kind software partners that blend Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human oversight to keep inappropriate content and actions off Wizz.

Our system alerts our safety experts whenever any text, image, or video violates our Community Guidelines or suggests hazardous behavior. For instance, we oversee all chats with groundbreaking text and image moderation technologies to spot and address improper conduct immediately, ensuring adherence to our Community Guidelines.

Violations of our guidelines prompt an investigation, followed by suitable measures. Depending on the infraction’s gravity, this could range from temporarily restricting features to a permanent ban from the Wizz platform.

Our AI systems are continually enhanced, drawing insights from human moderation efforts. These collaboration efforts foster robust content protection on Wizz, ensuring the safest environment for all users.

Clear Reporting Process

We strongly urge all of our users to take an active role in maintaining the integrity of the Wizz community by reporting any content, behavior, or issues that don’t align with the safe and respectful environment we strive for. To enhance the effectiveness of our review process and provide our safety team with comprehensive context, users are encouraged to attach relevant media files, such as screenshots or videos, to their reports. This can be conveniently done through the app or by visiting our website here.

Our dedicated team of safety specialists meticulously reviews each submission, ensuring that every report receives the attention it deserves. In responding to these reports, our specialists draw upon our Community Guidelines as the cornerstone of their decision-making process, aiming to deliver fair and just resolutions in each case. This thorough approach ensures that every concern is addressed with the utmost care and consideration, reinforcing our commitment to upholding a safe and welcoming platform for all users.


Do you have to be verified on Wizz?

Yes. Every day, millions of young people worldwide turn to Wizz for virtual socializing and building genuine connections. To ensure this safe environment, every user on Wizz must be verified, meaning that (i) we make sure users are the age they claim to be, and (ii) the person using the phone is a real person and the same person who signed up initially. 

For age verification, we have implemented state-of-the-art technology to verify that users are the age they claim to be, utilizing an age estimation algorithm developed by Yoti, a company trusted by the UK Home Office and the NHS for ID verification.

For profile verification, we partner with AWS to ensure that every Wizz user is who they claim to be. When a user uploads a photo, AWS technology immediately verifies the image to confirm it matches the user’s true identity. Only verified photos are allowed to appear on their profile, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of our community.

How to get unbanned from Wizz App?

At Wizz, we strive to maintain a respectful and safe environment for all users. If your account has been restricted or banned, it’s important to understand the reasons and the steps you can take to address the issue. In some cases, we may put accounts under review to maintain a secure space for our users if there is any doubt about compliance with our guidelines. Below are some frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process.

If you are only seeing a reminder of the guidelines while messaging another user, it means that you have been reported and did not respect our guidelines several times. Your account won’t be restricted forever, and you’ll be able to access all the options again after a certain amount of time. However, if you have committed a serious infringement of the guidelines, your account can be banned forever. 

If your account is restricted, the message below will appear: 👇

If your account is not restricted, the message below will appear: 👇

If your account was restricted, this means that you have breached our Community Guidelines and may no longer use all the options of the app. For example, you may have been reported for inappropriate behavior or you may have sent messages that are prohibited on our application.

Please remember that Wizz is a safe and positive environment where everyone must respect the Community Guidelines ☮️

It depends on the content you intended to post, and whether you’ve done it only once or repeatedly. It can go from a few hours, to a few days, to several weeks or a permanent restriction. 

Our guidelines are pretty simple:

  • No sexual, harmful or violent content 
  • No bullying 
  • No sharing of socials and personal information 
  • No spamming, no catfishing, no selling of content 

That’s it! 

Please note, that you are only “banned” on Wizz, if you have received a pop-up notification “You are banned”. If you have received this notification, the decision is final and cannot be changed. 

If you disagree with our decision, please contact the Support Team through the contact form providing all the details.

If your account is temporarily “restricted” then you have this pop-up appear when you click on “Is my account restricted?” in Settings :

The restriction of this type can last from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the gravity of infraction. Here are steps you can take during this period:

  1. Understand the Violation: Review the guidelines to understand the reason behind your restriction.
  2. Wait for the Review: Restrictions are not permanent and will be lifted after a review period.
  3. Contact Support: If you believe there has been a mistake, you can contact our support team for further assistance. Be sure to provide relevant details to expedite the process.


Remember, maintaining a respectful and safe environment is our priority. Ensure you follow the guidelines to avoid future restrictions.

Can people see your location on Wizz?

We take confidentiality and security of our users very seriously. Currently, people do not see your location on Wizz. It is possible to show your State and Country. If you would like to turn off or on showing your State to others, you can do it with a toggle in the Settings.

Is the Wizz app safe for 13-year-olds?

Yes, since the beginning, the safety of our users has been our top priority, contributing to our success. Young people can truly be themselves and form meaningful connections on Wizz because they feel safe and confident knowing they are interacting with real peers of their own age. 13-year olds can only be contacted by people who are 13 and 14, and the moderation rules apply to all users.

Does Wizz have an age restriction?

You need to be older than 13 to be able to create an account on Wizz. We place our users into strict age groups with the maximum difference of age being one year. Users can only communicate with other users in the same age group.

Is Wizz for adults?

Wizz is a place where young people can safely and authentically express themselves and connect with like-minded peers all over their country. People who are between 13-17 can only speak with people one year younger or older than them. People who are 18-24 can speak with people from the entire age range. 

It’s like a digital hangout spot where young people can make meaningful connections without the judgment and social pressures that weigh on teenagers at schools.

Why was Wizz removed from the app stores?

Last February, Wizz faced negative publicity when several media platforms alleged that there was  a high number of scammers on the app. This resulted in the app being temporarily removed from the Apple App andGoogle Play Stores. During this period, representatives from both Stores conducted thorough internal and external audits of our platform. Following these audits, both companies confirmed that Wizz is safe for users and put the app back online. We continue to prioritize user security above all else and have increased our efforts to communicate openly with the media about our safety measures.